Funeral Planning Truro

and surrounding areas

We can ease stress at a painful time by assisting with funeral planning. Here at Morley Penrose Funeral Director, we offer funeral planning in Truro, serving local customers in the nearby towns including Mylor and Stithians. Our funeral directors can work closely with you, listening to and considering your ideas to design a meaningful and suitable funeral service.

Initial Funeral Planning Meeting

As soon as you are ready, we can arrange an appointment with you begin the funeral planning process. In this initial meeting, we can explain all the elements involved in arranging a funeral. Just a few arrangements we will discuss include:

  • Music and/or hymns that will be played in the service.
  • Obituaries.
  • Funeral cars and transportation.
  • Funeral procession route.
  • Memorial and headstone choices.
  • Floral tributes.
  • Celebrants.
  • Service sheets.
  • Order of service.
  • Charitable donations.
  • Funeral costs (if the funeral costs are not covered by a pre-paid plan).
  • The type of coffin or casket, such as a wicker, traditional wood or cardboard.
  • Funeral type: whether the deceased will have a burial, cremation or eco-friendly funeral.

Planning Funerals To Suit Your Personal Preferences

Here at Morley Penrose Funeral Director, we understand the importance of planning funerals to suit your personal preferences. We appreciate that every individual is unique and leads a different life. Therefore, if possible, we can incorporate any special touches that will best represent the deceased and their interests. We know that the funeral service will feel more meaningful and honourable if it truly reflects the values and lifestyle of your loved one.

Whether the deceased liked a particular type of flower, poetry or a certain artist, we can include these in the service. For many families, incorporating details that remind them of their loved one from when they were alive can be a comforting experience. However, if you feel a personalised service would be too emotional, you can select music, arrangements and readings that will not cause further upset. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our understanding funeral directors to make further enquiries.

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