Creating An Order Of Service For A Funeral

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The order of service booklet is created for mourners, so they know what to expect from a funeral and an opportunity to take part. As well as providing practical information, it is a sentimental keepsake for people to take home. Your funeral directors will be able to help organise these getting created if you choose to have them.

There are no fixed rules on what goes into these booklets, but here’s what is generally included.

The Cover

The cover of an order of service usually includes the full name of the deceased, a photo, and the date of birth and death. It can also include the location of the funeral and perhaps a quote. The photo is going to be the most important component here, so ensure you choose a good quality picture.

You can personalise the graphics however you wish in the booklet. Using the favourite colours of your loved one is a good way to reflect their personality. This booklet is traditionally quite simple by design, but if you feel that doesn’t represent the deceased properly, then feel free to customise it.

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Inside A Funeral Order Of Service

The inside of the booklet will contain whatever you want to include in the funeral. This could include:

  • When people are going to talk – e.g. ‘Welcome from celebrant’
  • Prayers – listed or written out
  • Songs/Hymns – titles or song lyrics for people to sing along to
  • Readings from loved ones – e,g. ‘Reading from John Smith – “When I Am Dead, My Dearest” by Christina Rossetti’
  • Eulogies and tributes – e.g. ‘First tribute by John Smith’

If there are any particularly meaningful lyrics, quotes or prayers you want people to remember, it’s a good idea to write them out. This way, if you want people to join in then they can.

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The Back

The back of an order of service for a funeral includes more practical information. It will usually thank people for attending, anyone who has contributed, or perhaps anyone who helped care for the deceased before they died.

Charity donations are quite common for funerals too. If your loved one had a charity close to their heart, or perhaps a charity that cared for them before their death, then you can list donation information on the back. It could include a website address or QR code for people to donate easily.

Finally, the back of an order of service gives instructions for if anything is happening after the service. If there is a wake arranged, it will usually say where and when it is taking place so that people can come along.

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