5 Ways To Personalise Funeral Services

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It can be difficult to arrange funeral services at such a tricky time. It can be a lovely sentiment to ensure the proceedings are personalised and that the ceremony represents their life. Here are just some ideas to ensure that they have a beautiful ceremony.

Dress Code

Black and darker colours are traditionally worn to funeral services, as these colours symbolise mourning and respect. However, more and more people are choosing to give attendees a dress code to steer away from black outfits. Quite often, people will choose brighter colours to frame the ceremony as a celebration of life.

To personalise the ceremony that you are organising, you could choose your loved one’s favourite colour for guests to wear or incorporate into their outfits. If they had a particular football team, it’s quite popular to ask guests to come wearing the shirts associated with the club.

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Memory Table

A memory table is a great addition to funeral services. This is a dedicated table for photos, awards and any objects that remind people of the deceased. To include guests, adding a condolences book to this can create a wonderful keepsake. Ask attendees to write in their own memories of the deceased, and you’ll be left with many anecdotes and stories to look back on fondly.

Music Choices

If you have a particular song that reminds you of your loved one, or if they had a favourite artist, it’s always good to include it in the funeral services. Music can help show the personality of a loved one or the emotions that they brought to people. A traditional ceremony will usually have around 3-5 songs, so there’s an opportunity to customise the music to reflect the deceased.

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Charity Donations

Many funeral services exhibit a charity donations box. This is an opportunity to ensure the proceedings are personalised for the deceased. If they had a charity close to their heart, it’s a good idea to choose that one so that they can continue to benefit the cause that they felt strongly about. If they were taken by illness and cared for prior, choosing a charity connected with their care is also quite a popular option.


To personalise funeral services, you could hand out keepsakes to guests. Giving friends and family something to remember the deceased by can be a lovely way to keep them in their memory. There are many unique ideas, such as handing out seeds, candles, charms, bookmarks or small keychains.

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